Guava fruit health benefits that you need to know

Guava fruit health benefits

Guavas are not only edible fruits, this article is set to explain the guava fruit health benefits needed by all humans. We are so blessed with so many natural resources to help combat several health challenges yet we keep missing this rare privileges by eating junks.

Guavas are tropical fruits commonly known to have originated from America (central). The picture above describes the shape of guava fruit as oval having either yellow or green skin color. There are ripe guava fruits that are green outside and red inside while others are yellow on the outside and white inside. They also have edible seeds.

Apart from the sweet taste of this American-originated fruit, it has other enticing nutrients that are of great benefits to human health. Some of these rich nutrients are fiber, potassium, vitamin C among others.

Nutrients found in guava fruits

Guavas are rich in major nutrients needed for daily healthy living. The fruit contains vitamins A-E. We all know that all fruits have vitamin C but the one found in this amazing tree product is believed to be 4 times more in quantity than in oranges. That means consuming more of guavas instead of oranges.

There are fruits and vegetables that have proteins; guava fruits do. Research has shown that this fruit has more proteins than other fruits within its category. I know a lot of people avoid eating beans and peas; major protein sources. If you belong to this category, try consuming guavas.

What of dietary fibers? This fruit is also rich in fiber. A very good example of fiber fruit product is pineapple. Oranges also have fibers and roughage, but we’re told that the fiber in guavas are more than that of pineapple ( approximately 4 times more). We all know the importance of fibers as they help in bowel movement and aid digestion. Are you having challenges related to bowel movement or indigestion? Consume more guavas!

Moreover, in tomatoes we have an essential element called lycopene; an indispensable antioxidant source that combat asthma, cancer and other heart related diseases. While it is known to be present in all red or pink fruits, it is absent in strawberries. The good news is that all pink guavas have lycopene and it is 2 times more than what is found in normal red tomatoes, which are often the first example of lycopene source.

What of potassium? Guavas have potassium and they’re also known to have higher quantities of potassium than the number one example of potassium product; banana. I was amazed during the research to find out that guavas have potassium and that they have more of it than banana because if any doctor wants to prescribe natural potassium product for you, he or she will mention banana first.

Does it have any other trace elements? Yes, minerals such as phosphorus, manganese etc as well as other minor chemicals that are of good benefit to our health.

What are guava fruit health benefits?

Guava fruits

Having studied some rich nutrients found in guavas, we’re going to enumerate the health benefits of this fruit.

Guavas boost immune systems: we have seen its richness in vitamin C even higher than what is found in oranges. Vitamins C generally are known to help boost our immune system to fight sicknesses and other outbreak of diseases. With a strong immune system, our body will not only be able to fight to such ailments, it will resistant against them. You’re advised to consume more guavas to boost your immunity against infections.

Guavas work for diabetes: this fruit prevent the normal growth/development of this deadly disease; diabetes. Remember prevention is better than cure so consume enough guavas to prevent it. Also, for those who already have it, consuming it will help to regulate those sugar levels.

Guavas combat constipation: if you’re a victim of constipation or you suffer from it regularly, try consuming this super fruit, which, though unpopular, have higher nutrient properties than other fruits. Consume more guavas to enjoy bowel movement and also be free from the problem of indigestion.

Guavas combats eye problems: don’t forget that the fruit contains vitamin A, which is good for poor eyesight. While it may not have high content of this vitamin like carrot, it still works just fine. What are your challenges regarding your sight right now? Why not try consuming this wonder fruit and testify to the changes that you’ll experience. It is not only affordable, it has little or no side effects like other synthetic drugs. It works for prevention and main of poor vision.

Guavas fight cancers: its rich antioxidant properties help to fight body chemicals that can encourage the growth of known cancer cells in the body. It helps to reduce the growth of both prostate and breast cancer cells. What we eat matters a lot; a lot of people have attributed what we eat in this generation to be the cause of the spread of cancer in our body. Why can’t we consume these natural edibles to counter all forms of deadly growth in our body system.

Guavas are good for the flu, cough and cold: as a result of its high vitamin C content, it can be consumed when infected with the flu, cough and cold for fast relief. It may be used as a preventive measure for contacting the flu during its outbreak. Also remember that this fruit has immune system boosting potency so consume it before the sickness comes.

Guava fruit health benefits are numerous. For instance, the fruit helps to relieve stress, fight aging problems, improves skin colors, good for the brain and a weight loss gift. From above mentioned advantages of guava in relation to our health, one thing stands out, guess what? It works for virtually every health challenge.

Having considered the benefits of the fruit, are there other parts of the plants that are useful to our health? Yes. Read on!

The health benefits of guava leaves

Guava leaves

Just like the fruit of this plant, the leaves also are useful. These nearly arranged, shiny and green leaves often oval are of great importance to both health and other areas.

For the health aspect, guava can be used to produce tea, which can be for the treatment of malaria/fever, dysentery and diarrhea. Most people boil these leaves and drink.

Do you know that the leaves are used as home remedies for treating toothaches and other oral health problems like swollen gums and mouth sores.

Guava leaves can be squeezed and the juice applied on acne, blackheads and spots. This should be done repeatedly until the spots clear off.

Aside the skin benefit of removing black spots and acne, guava leaves can be used to maintain good hair, prevent hair loss and help regrow hair loss.

Most of the function of the leaves are also replicated in the leaves.

What are side effects of guava fruits?

The problem people have found with guava fruit is the seed. Although it is generally believed that it aids digestion and help improve bowel movements, some faction have the belief that it can cause appendicitis. This is yet to be confirmed though.

Another possible side effect is bloating resulting from high fiber contents in the fruit.

Pregnant women and those breast feeding are advised against taking guava leaves as there are no recommended dosage. In order to prevent complications, they’re advised to be careful.

In a similar vein, since no one knows how taking guava leaves can react with other drugs, it should be taken with care just like other herbal products.


From the foregoing, we can see that guava plant is a blessing and we should take advantage of its naturalness to yap into its guava fruit health benefits. If consuming one single fruit type can produce so much positive results, why do we have to wait for our health to deteriorate before running to medical centers for treatment?

Take one day at a time. The best time to start taking care of your health is when you’re healthy. Eat well to keep well and guava fruits are readily available around us; tap into this availability and enjoy good health.





Natural Flu Remedies That Work

Flu Remedies

Natural Flu Remedies

If you live outside the regions that are prone to the flu then you might be confusing it with common colds and their symptoms. Oftentimes, people within affected regions still mix both up; confused about which is happening to them at that particular time. In a natural sense, both have similar signs but with difference while they’re also caused by infectious viruses which target the airways.

What is the difference between the flu and common colds?

If you have cold, you’re sure of having runny or stuffy nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, mild head/body aches, no nausea, no chills/sweat, rare fever for adults and a slow development of symptoms over few days. But for the flu, there may not be a runny/stuffy nose and sneezing, there will be a dry cough, may or may not have nausea and sore throat, severe body aches, presence of fever/ chills and sweats which leads there’s rapid development of the symptoms within few hours.

People mostly get colds all year round; spring, summer, fall and especially during winter but for the influenza, it is seasonal between November and March while they’s also the tendency of getting it around October and May. Getting it aside these periods is an indication of allergies and colds.

In terms of seriousness, the flu tends to have negative health implications than cold especially among children and elderly people. If a victim of flu is given less medical attention, it may result into pneumonia or the person being hospitalized. This is why you should get your doctor informed as soon as you sense changes in your body system. Your doctor will have to carry out a medical test to determine if you really have it or not as symptoms alone are trickery.

While we believe the potency of medical treatment, a lot of people are embracing natural methods of health solution. The following are some natural flu remedies that work:

Natural flu remedies that work

Fluids and liquids

Water comes first under this list. This is needed by all for normal body function and health routine, but those that have the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting when suffering from influenza infection need it most because of dehydration. Apart from water, they need all forms of good liquid and fluids like beverages (electrolyte) and juices (fruits). You sure understand that not all liquids are ideal for good health, hence the need to be choosers! Avoid caffeine-related drinks as much as possible because of its diuretic nature.

Fruit juices

Fluids and liquids as natural flu remedies

Because of the state of your health, there’s the tendency to vomit. As a result of this, you can sip selected fluids instead of normal forceful gulping. Remember that alcohol is a no no for you at this time; except if you’re ready to sleep on forever! A mixture of honey with herbal tea van also help if you’re already suffering from sore throat; one of the symptoms of flu.

Hot spicy soup

Hot soup are good when inhaled in through the nostrils as they momentarily reduce runny/stuffy nose and other flu related symptoms. A lot of people have attested to the power of hot chicken soup, which you can prove too. Adding spices to these soups make it irresistible, appealing and also a powerful healing solution. Africans are familiar with pepper soup characterized with healing spices. This has worked for many and still works!


Even if you’re a workaholic by nature, when the flu or serious cold knocks at your door, you have no choice than to rest.There’s time for everything. You’ve got to listen to your body and strictly obey the message it’s passing across at a particular time. If yours is exercise give it a break if your body is shouting for rest. You’ll surely be strong enough for your normal walkout activities.

Steaming with eucalyptus/peppermint oil

Steaming helps the airways and Steaming  also ease off nasal congestion. How is this steaming done? Boil water and add the pepper mint or eucalyptus oil to the water then get a thick blanket and cover yourself with it. Make sure the steam has no escape route through any opening. If you can endure it, you’ll feel lighter and relieved. You can do this 2-3 times daily until you’re completely relieved of the symptoms.

Inhale hot towel

Alternatively to direct steaming is inhaling hot towel. This can be so handy and kept by your couch or bedside for easy reach. You can add above mentioned oil solutions to the water and dip in the towel. Make sure the water is hot enough to give the desired steam required. Dip the towel inside the hot water and squeeze out the water. Put it against your nostrils and forehead as it can relieve headache-related symptom.

Gargle with salt water

This is a simple method used to relieve both clogged nostrils and mucus that often gather in the throat. If you can try this every night before going to bed, you’ll be amazed at the result and the sound sleep that you’ll enjoy after.

Humidifier/steam vaporizer

The antidote to cold or flu is moist air especially warm one. This is why the earlier steaming and inhaling hot towel are indispensable. Most people also sit under hot shower to get the continuous warm air needed to wade off the cold and its effects. Getting a humidifier can also be a good alternative as you can easily breathe in warm air.

Natural flu remedies

Fruits and vegetables as natural flu remedies

Suck lemon and lime

These are good sources of Vitamin C which you need mostly at this time. Other fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C such as apple, pineapple, water melon, etc should be your bed side companions at this time.

Ginger tea

Have you heard of the potency of ginger tea with honey? Try it and share your experience. It is a powerful homemade ingredient for fighting common cold and the influenza infections.


Naturally when you’re caught up with the flu, your immune system is weakened. To boost it, you need to consume garlic and onions. The more you consume these spices when you’re waiting for recovery, the faster your recovery.

Other Flu Treatment

If you want a faster method, you may opt for more conventional treatment methods such as vaccines and antiviral medications. For patients who are 6 months old and older, injectable flu vaccines (IIV and RIV) are recommended.

Individuals going for the vaccines are advised to do so before the break out of the flu season because it will take the vaccine 2 weeks to become effective in the body.

One of the reasons you must get natural flu remedies that work is because the vaccines are not 100% guaranteed to protect you against influenza outbreak because no one knows the type that will break out in the community where you live. It is just a preventive method. So, it is possible to get vaccinated and still be affected by the flu.

Just like other medications, influenza vaccines come with side effects like fever, swelling at the point of injection and body aches. In a similar vein, because of the chemical composition of the vaccines, there is the tendency of other adverse effects and health complications.

How can you prevent the spread of the flu?

There are some precautions to take in order to protect yourself and others around you from getting the flu.

1. Stay indoors. Immediately you detect the symptoms of the flu, just stay back home. This will prevent the spread of the disease. If you have been exposed to any friend or family member who has the flu, you need to stay indoors. This is where caregivers need to be careful. If you’re nursing a flu patient, be careful yourself or start the natural flu remedies immediately.

2. Cover your nostrils and mouth. As much as you can, cover up your nostrils when coughing or sneezing. If you have any course to go out for urgent reasons when down with the flu, try covering your nose.

3. Hand washing/sanitizers. Though this should be a routine and daily practice, it should be more during the flu outbreak and when you’re down with it. Wash your hands regularly or sanitize them with hand sanitizers.

Natural Flu Remedies

Hand washing prevents flu spreading


It is possible to stay above the waters if you can put the prevention principles into use. The flu; the respiratory disease that is highly contagious through air can be prevented if we adhere strictly to above mentioned daily practice before, during and after the flu outbreak. It is also advisable to eat healthy meals that can boost our immune systems. Working non-stop just to make ends meet is to our disadvantage as it makes our immune systems weak and susceptible to any disease outbreak. Don’t forget that natural flu remedies are products that have little or no side effects; hence, the advice to use them to combat the flu.



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Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedies

Stretch marks

Stretch marks removal home remedies

Stretch mark removal home remedies are one of the cost effective methods to deal with stretch marks in the body.

Also known as stria, they are painless marks that only affect your look and self image.

Young moms and ladies having beautiful thighs often love to flaunt them but not with these stripes on.

Stretch marks are horizontal lines found around the breast, abdomen, thigh, buttock and arm areas. While some heal with time others need one treatment or the other to fade off.

What are the causes of stretch marks

Fat people tend to have these lines on targeted areas of their body. When your body is rapidly growing and your skin can’t grow as fast to keep up with it, stretch marks occur.

For instance, a pregnant woman’s stomach grows to accommodate the baby in it; making the skin to stretch. This is why stretch marks is common among pregnant women.

There are other people that are prone to having these unpleasant scars in their body; obese children and body builders.

The question is what causes stretch marks? The following are the reasons you find these ugly marks on your body:

  • Family history; there are families that have the record of stretch. You may find out if such is prevalent in your family.
  • Another common cause of this scar is pregnancy. This is why most pregnant women experience it during their pregnancy period.
  • Excessive weight gain can result in the appearance of these horizontal lines. So, have you being increasing in weight lately? It might be the cause of the stretch marks you’re seeing around.
  • Excessive steroids from illness or as a result of the drug you’re taking can make you begin to see these pinky marks on targeted parts of the body.
  • Another factor is breast surgery. Have you undergone any breast surgery of recent? That might be the cause of those marks on your body.

The good news is, if you have been disappointed  in the past or thought all hopes were lost, there’s a way out.

Effective stretch marks removal products

There are many stretch marks removal products in form of creams and essential oil. One of such is pasjel, a moisturizing cream that works to eradicate stretch marks and makes the skin look more beautiful.

It majorly targets women who have been delivered of babies because of the appearance of those lines on their abdomen and also obese people.

It contains both collagen and vitamin E, which are essential skin products. It has been tested to have little or no side effects.

Smooth skin repair cream is another amazing stretch marks removal cream that focus on pregnant women and other people prone to having stretch marks.

It contains natural extracts that help in restoring broken skin to original look. It refers to stretch marks as grains; pregnancy grains, arm grains etc.

There are some essential oils like AFY stretch marks removal essential oil, Bio oil scar cream for pregnancy, compound plant essential oil among others.

All these are well fortified to help get rid of stretch marks malaise from the body.

Cost effective stretch marks removal home remedies

The following are some home made products that you can easily utilize while combating skin grains:

  • Cocoa butter. It will not only moisturizers your skin but also give it a softer/smoother feel. Aside deep penetration into the skin to eliminate those marks, it replenishes/repairs affected skin cells. If you apply it judiciously to affected parts, you can be sure of visible results within months.
  • Shea butter. Target affected parts and massage it in. As a result of its combined properties; anti inflammatory/antioxidant, it has been proven to get rid of red marks on the body.
  • Aloe Vera. This is another result oriented home remedy that can be harnessed to war against stretch marks. It’s gel is combined with vitamins A and B capsules (5 and 10 respectively).  Mix everything together and rub into affected areas and leave it on for a while. Aloe Vera gel alone can also be used to get rid of the marks. It is recommended because it has some compounds that help fade away stretch marks.
  • Vicks vaporub. After rubbing it into the affected part of the body, just wrap it up with a clean cloth, towel or anything that can serve such purpose and leave it on till the following morning. This should be repeatedly done every night until visible results are seen. This product contains a lot of essential oils for skin softening. Users worldwide have attested to its effectiveness.
  • Castor oil. Massaging a warm Castor oil to the affected part every night will give the desired result. This oil is often used in the treatment of various skin infections. With its known acid; ricinoleic, known to help skin rejuvenate, stretch marks have always bowed to its potency.
  • Olive oil. This product has anti inflammatory properties that fight various skin challenges. It should be heated or slightly warmed and rubbed into affected parts. This should be used frequently until marks begin to disappear.
  • Coffee scrub. The powder form of this is formed into a paste and rubbed into affected areas, then left for a few minutes before rinsing it off using warm water. Aloe Vera gel or any of above mentioned oils can be rubbed on the marks after rinsing the paste off.
  • Almond oil + essential oil. Mix both contents together and apply on affected parts of the body. It is generally known that almond oil contains vitamin E, heals skin scars and help improves complexion.
  • Sugar+almond oil+lemon juice.  Mix all together and apply to where stretch marks are on your skin. Wash off after a while using warm water and applying any of aforementioned oil. Apart from being an exfoliant, sugar works to shed off dead cells.
  • Baby oil. Apply baby to the areas affected by grains after a warm shower and leave it there. Baby oils help soften the skin and acts as a preventive measure against future recurrence.
  • Tea tree oil + olive/coconut oil. Mix all the oils together and rub on the affected body part. Tea tree oil is an essential oil for treating various skin infections and helping stretch marks as well as other body scars go away.
  • Turmeric powder + yoghurt. Mix both products to form a paste and add to stretch mark area and wash off using warm water. Turmeric powder has a lot of skin healing effects.

Other stretch marks removal home remedies are Argan oil, jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, apple cider and lemon juice.

Other stretch marks removal treatments

Aside above means of treating grains, laser treatment using ICON 1540 Fractional Laser has been confirmed to be effective too.

The good thing is that it is FDA approved specifically for the treatment of stretch marks. In practice, a lot of patients have opted for this and recorded actual result.

If you are able to consult a professional dermatologist, all your questions and feats will be taken care of. But, there’s no need to entertain fear because it is not a new method and many people have used it successfully.

The only disadvantage of this laser treatment is slow result. You need to have enough patient to do it over and over again to see visible changes.

Another medical treatment is microneedling (collagen induction therapy). It aims at reuniting the skin by using needle like tools to make small punctures on the skin.

This process helps the body to develop fresh elastin as well as collagen. Why some people have been talking about the effectiveness of this method, someone decided to try it out, and she concluded that the annoying marks disappeared faster than she could imagine.



Having gone through the various ways to get rid of stretch marks, you’ll agree with me that the only easy means is stretch marks removal home remedies. They are not only available and within our reach, they’re pretty budget friendly.

If you look closely at your yard, you’ll find one or two of those listed products so why not utilize what is readily available instead of looking so far?

They are not only safe but result oriented going by their naturalness which eliminates the fear of side effects. Most of them are parts of our diets making them hazard free.

As much as possible drink enough water to prevent dehydration which is an enemy of the skin. Don’t forget to balance your diet as much as you can.

Remember, nothing can take the place of good diet; healthy meals and water in the body. If you consistently practice these, you’ll not only maintain good skin, you’ll also prevent future skin infections.

Have you ever had stretch marks before? If yes, what and what did you use and how long did it take to completely disappear?












Dry itchy skin remedies

Dry itchy skin

Apart from having dry skin as a skin type, it can also result from conditions that cause cracking, (dry) patches and flakes as the case may be. Because itching is often associated with most dry skin conditions, this topic focuses on dry itchy skin remedies; dryness and itchiness go together in most cases.

Do you live in dry climate areas? Or, do you experience dry skin during winter months? Dry skin is common at these periods and regions. If you have been wondering why the condition of your skin is in the way it is, you may take a look at age factor because older people are prone to it than children and teenagers.

Another factor that is worth considering is heredity and eczema history in the family. Has it been a trend in your family or do you have the history of eczema infection? Then your dry skin may just be linked to them. The good news is the availability of dry itchy skin remedies. So, don’t worry too much, there’s hope.

Dry skin: what is it?

What is dry skin?

The state in which there is less amount of required moisture or water on the epidermis; the outward part of the skin is dry skin. This condition affects both male and female folks alike without any difference but between the older and younger generation, there’s a great disparity of influence as older people tend to experience it more than younger ones.

So, why older people? As one grows older, there is the tendency for the natural lubricants and skin oils to reduce in their normal production; hence, the dryness. It will also interest you to know that some parts of the body are more prone to this dryness than others. For instance, legs ( the lower parts), hands, palms and arms are more subject to dry skin experience.

A lot of factors are responsible for this skin dryness; these range from environmental to medical as we shall discover soon. Lack of adequate water in the skin is medically termed as xerosis; so it is medically recognized and treatable. Skin itchiness results from prolonged lack of moisture in the skin, which leads to rashes as well as other unpleasant skin infections.

Dry skin: what is the cause?

Various external as well as internal factors are responsible for dry skin conditions. As human beings, we can only physical things that we can see with our eyes that is why we shall start from the external factors. One of these external factors is prevailing temperature and humidity of our environment. They determine the degree of water retention in the skin.

Other external causes are the use of harsh soaps for washing or bathing and using over concentrated alcohol-based sanitizers and other solvent solutions. Soaps are known to remove oil from the body during bath. The more you wash your skin with soap, the dryer it becomes. Moisturizers are good but a poor application or the use of a wrong one can have negative impact on your skin.

Do you know that the material of your clothes can worsen skin dryness? Yes, it does. Some clothes made with wool/synthetic materials affect the health of the skin; this may not be a general experience but those with this skin challenge can feel it more.

Some internal causative factors of dry skin are: family history/genetics, a person’s health status, age and other medical conditions. The presence of thyroid related disease as well as atopic dermatitis can make such individuals prone to dry skin.

Anyone taking acne, HBP, allergy and cholesterol related medicines is prone to experience dry skin. Poor feeding and malnutrition can lead to poor skin. What of health conditions like diabetes and eczema? They are all features and manifestation of lack of moisture skin.

Dry skin: what are the signs/symptoms?

While itching is the major sign of dry skin, there are also roughness, dry and red patches that itch. Most areas of friction in the body are affected by dryness. Some of these are soles, ankles, abdomen, legs, hands etc. Skin cracks/fissures are the severe conditions of dry skin. There are other symptoms here.

Dry skin: what are its treatments and remedies?

Aloe Vera gel Honey

The first task in the treatment of your skin condition is identifying the cause of it; this is in line with the popular saying that a problem identified is half solved. There are some causes like age and genetics/hereditary factors that will require managing the situation since they are natural. This does not mean that there won’t be solution but knowing the cause will give you an edge over others who want to apply treatment blindly.

Don’t give up after reading all these thinking there’s no hope for those having dry skin. Irrespective of the cause of your skin condition, you can treat it with various products; medical and home made. A lot of people prefer lubricants with other substances that help water to evaporate as their choice of dry skin treatment. For those skin dryness that result from external factors, they are often treated using external treatment aids such as lotion and creams. There are some good moisturizers that are also good for remedying dry skin and they are readily available at our local stores.

Another good treatment that people often overlook is drinking water regularly. This is a gift around us but we often look down on it. In fact, adverse skin challenge related to dryness can be prevented if we can practice water therapy on daily basis. I think I’m also guilty of this because I hardly drink up to the required amount of water prescribed for daily consumption. If you have dry skin problem or dry scalp, you need to drink not less than 8 glasses of water per day. This does not affect your budget but self-discipline. Try it for a week and see the changes.

Avoid excessive scrubbing of your skin while bathing; don’t forget that lukewarm water is better than cold or hot water while bathing. As much as possible, avoid soaps made with harsh chemicals that has scents, deodorant s as well as other antiseptic/ antibacterial ones as they remove the oil that naturally protects the skin. Rather, opt for mild cleansers; Dove, Neutrogena, Aveeno etc.

The best way to spot good moisturizers is absence of perfume. Such moisturizers are just the best for your skin type. Don’t let your skin go dry after bathing but apply your moisturizers within few seconds to minutes after bathing when it is still wet.

Humidifiers are also good for dry skin because the moisture within your body and the environment you live matters a lot to the health of your skin. Humidifiers help to quickly improve the state of your skin.

Olive oil can be applied on the skin few minutes before bathing. Apply your moisturizers after taking your bath.

Another home remedy is milk. Apply milk on your skin for about 5 minutes and clean off using clean towel and warm water. You can do this every day. Also, you can mix rose water and milk together and rub all over your body. Leave for some minutes before taking your bath without soap. This can be done twice daily. You now understand why some cream and moisturizers are made with milk. You can check the ingredients of creams when next you go shopping.

Honey mixed with beeswax and olive oil can be used to treat dry skin. First apply honey generously all over your skin for a few minutes and clean off. The mixture can also be applied daily for faster results.

Fresh yogurt and blend papaya can also be used. Apply only the yogurt on your skin or mix both products together and apply on your skin. They are very effective dry skin remedies.

Coconut oil is another potential remedy. Apply warm coconut oil on your skin overnight and wash in the morning. It can also be applied on the skin aim immediately after showing when the body is still warm.

Avocado fruit (pear) is good for your skin health. Marsh and run it on your skin or mix it with honey. You can also consume this fruit regularly for internal healing. To rub it on your skin, you can use it once or twice per week.

Almond oil can also be used on the skin.

Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the skin for the treatment of skin dryness.


Without consulting your doctor or spending heavily, you can solve the problem associated with your skin using above mentioned dry itchy skin remedies. Don’t forget that prevention is better than cure; so try preventing dry itchy skin by exposing yourself to indoor humidifiers and by drinking enough water daily. Avoid excessive scrubbing while bathing and also avoid using soaps but opt for mild cleansers. As much as possible, shower only using lukewarm water and apply any of the recommended oils after bath.

Have you ever experienced dry skin? What did you use to remedy it? You can share your experience with others to learn.


Dry Scalp Treatments Using Home Remedies

Dry scalp treatments

Dry Scalp Treatments is necessary if you have been enduring itchy scalp also known as dandruff. A lot of writers have tried to differentiate between dandruff and dry scalp but from personal experience, both are the same thing. You can’t have dandruff without experiencing dry scalp. In sum, dry scalp equals dandruff.

If there’s anything I hate to experience, it is dry scalp. The hatred is not only because of its dry flaky substances that cause embarrassment in the public but the unrest and emotional disturbances associated with the itchiness. It is a health challenge that can subtly destroy your social life if you don’t arrest it in time; hence dry scalp treatments.

This article is set to help get rid of those offensive and public figure stealers that make you want to go about covering your hair with whatever fashionable hat, cap or mufflers. By the end of this piece, you’ll be able to walk around with your head high as you’re going to be exposed to different dandruff treatments within your reach.

Causes of dry scalps

Worry and anxiety: cause of dry scalp

If you’re having dry scalps, one or two of the following reasons may be the cause. It is good to know the cause of your hair problem as it will help you get the solution faster than you think. So, what are the causes?

  • Dry skin. Anyone that has this skin type is sure to experience dry scalp because your scalp is part of your skin. Before, you begin to look for drugs and other high budget dry scalp treatments, check your skin category. Is it the oily type or dry? This is probably the reason for the dryness around your scalp. I said probably because it could be another factor.
  • Harsh hot weather. Experts suggest that those having dandruff should expose themselves to sun but not to excess. Apart from the tendency of getting infected with skin cancer, one with experience dryness on the scalp. In a similar vein, extreme dry weather can make your scalp dry and itchy.
  • Dehydration. If you’re poor at drinking the minimum required water consumption per day as suggested by physicians, you’re not doing yourself any good. Your skin will be dried and this will invariably affect your scalp. The more water you drink the more moisturized your skin and scalp become.
  • Harsh chemicals. These could be from the shampoo we use in washing our hair or the soap we use for bathing or even washing the hair. Since we are not experts in chemical production and manufacturing, we are definitely limited in the knowledge of the ingredients used in producing our shampoos and other similar products. If these chemicals are harsh in nature or for our skin, we experience dry scalp.
  • Lifestyles. Some of us are drug addicts, and these drugs are of no real value to our daily lives. Instead of helping our health, they deplete it. We cannot separate our scalp from our body; whatever we eat circulates round the body system and causes harm in appropriate places including our scalp. Let’s be careful of what goes into our mouth as it can mar make us. If you cover your hair 24/7, you can be sure of smelly, dry, flaky and itchy scalp.
  • Emotional disorder. If you are prone to worry and anxiety as well as stress, you have the tendency of having flaky scalp. Your body system operates as one and signals go to the brain. That is why the Bible says if one part of the body suffers, others suffer too. So, you can see the connection between your state of mind and your scalp health!
  • Infections. There are various types of skin or scalp infections that can result in dry scalp. They are eczema, tinea capitis commonly known as fungal infection, scalp psoriasis among others. If you have any of these infections, they may be the causative factor of your scalp condition.
  • Age. The older you become, the higher the tendency of your scalp to shed cells off. The question is how old are you? Was your hair condition this bad 5 years ago?
  • Genetic factor. Is dry scalp or dandruff a common challenge in your family or you’re just the only one battling with it? If it’s a common thing in the family, then you might have inherited from your parents or grandparents. In this case, it is well because you can also manage it to enjoy life to its fullest.

Dry scalp treatments using shampoos

Hair shampoo

There are some shampoos that can give faster results if you can get them around you. A lot of people have used them and they have been good enough. What are they?

  • Pyrithione zinc shampoos contain anti fungal properties you can use daily to fight your scalp maladies. It can be use every day going by its mild quality.
  • Selenium sulfide shampoo has fungus reducing ingredient and also prevents hair fall off. It however has the tendency to change the color of your hair.
  • Ketoconazole hair shampoo is an anti fungus product that fights fungi. It is readily available in most shops.
  • Salicylic acid helps to get of this dryness before tuning to flakes but has the disadvantage of causing more scalp dryness.
  • Coal tar works to reduce excess growth/shedding of scalp skin cells but it has the tendency of changing the color of hair.

Dry scalp treatments using home made products

Home remedies for dry scalp treatment

A lot of people are opting for home remedies these days because they have been found to be potent. So, if you prefer DIY products, let’s go:

  • Tea tree oil + shampoo. What you need to do is add a few drops of the oil to your regular shampoo, shake it together and wash/rinse your hair twice a week. That gives the desired result as the oil contains anti fungal properties, unclogs scalp pores and regulates normal oil secretion.
  • Coconut, olive, baby oil (any essential oil) + tea tree oil. Heat up any of your preferred essential oil and add tea tree oil to it. Massage it to the scalp of your hair overnight and wash off the following day. Hot oils are powerful ingredients for dry, flaky scalp.
  • Lemon juice. Cut your lemon into two and scrub it to the scalp of your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off. Lemon has active ingredient that combats poor scalp.
  • Apple juice. Juice 2 apples and use it to wash your hair. Leave it for about 10 minutes before washing it off. It is very effective.
  • Onion juice + honey. You need 4 onions that you can juice and mix with honey. Apply it to the scalp of your hair and leave for a few minutes before washing it off. This can be repeated fortnightly.
  • Aloe Vera gel. Mix the gel of aloe Vera with water and leave on the scalp for 20 minutes. It has a lot of active ingredients that will permanently cure your scalp condition.
  • Egg+ yogurt. Mix one egg with unflavored yogurt and add to the scalp of your hair. Leave it for a while before washing it off. You can repeat this fortnightly until you see result.
  • Listerine + water. Mix half cup of Listerine with half cup of water. Wash your hair and dry it before adding the mixture to the scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse hair. Listerine kills all infections in the scalp.
  • Mayonnaise. Add mayonnaise to your and cover it for 20 minutes after which you wash with warm water followed by shampoo. You can repeat this fortnightly also.
  • Baking powder + rose water. Make a paste of baking powder using rose water and add to the scalp. Leave for a few minutes and wash off with water.
  • Vitamin E oil. Get 5 capsules of vitamin E and empty them into a cup and apply on your scalp. Leave it for 30-1 hour and wash off. Repeat this until you see results.
  • Egg yolk+ olive oil+ lemon juice. Mix 2 egg yolks with some drops of olive oil and a spoon of lemon juice. Add to the scalp and leave for a while then wash off using warm water followed by cool water.

There are other home remedies you can practice putting an end to the present condition of your scalp.

Dry scalp treatments consulting your doctor

If you have tried several alternatives to no avail, a dermatologist may be your last resort. Yes, he or she will take a closer look at your hair to determine its level of serious and probably prescribe some medications for you as usual. We can’t rule out the power of expertise, hence the suggestion to consult with a specialist. You’re sure going to get a reassuring response from them aside the education and tips he or she will pass across to you


Without spending a fortune you can put an end to those embarrassing experience which your dry scalp expose you to. The end of your pains and worry has come. Try out those home remedies for dry scalp treatments. You should also watch against dehydration by drinking enough water daily, avoiding harsh weather conditions, avoiding cheap and unrecommended shampoos, thinking positively and avoiding unnecessary worry, stress and anxiety, maintaining healthy lifestyles among others. There is no health challenge without a solution. I have successfully outlined the way out here for you. Practice them and enjoy healthy scalp!





5 Amazing Home-made Chronic Cough Remedies

Nagging cough

Chronic cough

The word “chronic” implies something severe or serious. So, by using the term chronic cough remedies, I actually mean remedies for serious or severe cough.

No matter how careful we are, we must have experienced cough at one point or the other in our lifetime. Having cough may not really be as a result of carelessness but a lot of factors beyond our control often cause it.

For instance, a common cold left untreated could lead to coughing; and if this is left untreated for a while, it could degenerate to chronic cough that will eventually make the individual start looking for chronic cough remedies in terms of essential oil, food or drug to use.

If you’re prone to this type of cough, you will learn to overcome it without much ado. 

Why is cough more serious at night and how can you overcome it?

The funniest thing is that this category of cough disturbs its victims mostly at night. You know how destructive that can be to your health if you are the very busy type who has little or no time for rest during the day. Apart from work at home moms, are there still people who still have time to rest during the day when people keep more than one jobs to help them settle their bills? I really doubt it. So, it can be frustrating to have gone out all day only for your bed time to be turned to sweat time due to bad cough.

Have you ever wondered why people cough more at night? It can be so annoying but here are the reasons according to experts:

You know during the day you get so busy that your activity naturally clears off your nasal build-ups and mucus. Moreover, as they come you can clean them up, but in the night, hmm, you’re at rest. A resting or sleeping position helps mucus to gather at the back of one’s throat, and this causes coughing. As a result of this gravitational problem, we are advised to sleep on higher pillows at night. It will raise your head slightly higher as if you’re standing. You get it now. You don’t need to go about having sleepless nights anymore.

Another reason for night coughing is a dry environment. This is why most people who are less prone to cough catch during a dry season of the year. Using humidifiers can help resolve this challenge and also make you overcome it but you have to keep the content healthy otherwise, you will be distributing the sickness to the surrounding people.

We should always remember that despite the pain and uneasiness we get from coughing, it is a good sign of recovery from flu or common cold because that is usually the end and last result of them.

How long should a cough last?

We are humans and so limited in knowledge. This is why various studies keep evolving because of the quest for knowledge. More so, what used to be in the past is no more today. A lot of things and experiences are changing with time and season. In the past, people used to believe that  cough should not exceed a week but that’s in the past. Recent research has assured us that it can last for 2 weeks or 18 days. This is just the minimum as it may extend beyond this period depending on the individual and other factors surrounding him or her.

Next time you here your daughter, son, husband or wife complaining and getting worked up over the duration of their cough, be their first doctor by reassuring them that cough can last for 2 weeks and if theirs is just over a week, there’s nothing to really worry or fret about.

Common cold

Causes of chronic cough

What are the common causes of chronic cough?

The best person to tell you the truth is your doctor and most times, after a test has been carried out. In a general sense, coughs are caused by viral diseases and when they are so caused, they often go on their own without taking any drug or antibiotics. But when they are  caused by other things, you may need to worry or get your physician’s attention fast enough.

The following are some common causes of chronic cough:

Allergies. Most of us are allergic to dust, smoke among other things. These can give birth to nagging coughs. The best thing is to study yourself and know what your body reacts to when exposed to it. By so doing, you will be saving your health.

COPD– Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This occurs when the lung is damaged due to smoking and this is an often associated with hard cough. If you’re a smoker who is over 45 years, anytime you start experiencing persistent cough just go to your doctor for a proper check up as it may be linked to COPD.

Air pollution. If you’re exposed to fume and other irritating substances, you may begin to cough. They are known to trigger asthmatic attacks. It is always better to keep away from all forms of air pollution.

Respiratory tract infections. If you have pneumonia, cold, flu, fever or stuffed nostrils, you will definitely cough because it is the symptom that they are present in your body. Your doctor will help you identify which is present at a particular time but pneumonia seems to be more severe, and also needs more urgent attention.

Medications. There are some medicine that can make you start coughing when taking them. Anyone taking ACE inhibitors or other blood pressure drugs may experience dry cough as it is one of their side effects. So, before you start making calls and scheduling visits to the hospital, find out if you’re under any medication that can trigger cough. The good news is that most of such coughs go away when you stop taking those medications.

Other causes of stubborn coughs are acute/serious bronchitis as well as GERD-gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Chronic Cough Remedies

Chronic Cough Remedies

What are the possible chronic cough remedies?

The purpose of this article is to make you relax and see a way out of your coughing spree irrespective of the duration. If you’re able to follow the outlined steps below, you will not only save your health, you will save your purse from unnecessary expenses. Even if you will visit the hospital later to rule out any form of disease related cough or a possible symptom of underlying ailment, you will be in a better shape to do that.

Cold, allergies and sinus infection related coughs can be treated with simple and common cold medications from any drug store around. Also, bacterial infection related coughs can be treated using antibiotics. However, a lot of people these days prefer home made solutions; avoiding chemicals as much as they can. If you belong to that category, here are few other remedies you can use:

Steaming. Coughs are symptoms of colds and the best way to handle them is steaming yourself before going to bed at night or any time during the day. If you’re a victim of night cough, try steaming. The more frequent you do it during the day, the faster your relief. Boil water, pour it in a bowl or bucket add mentholated oil or Robb, put your face ( if possible open your mouth and breathe in and out) inside the hot vapor and cover yourself up with a thick blanket. You’ll feel lighter after 10-15 minutes.

Honey mixtures. Do you know that mixing honey with lemon and hot water can relieve your cough? Yes, it does! Just add them together and take 1teaspoon 3 times daily. You’ll be amazed at the result.

Pineapple fruit/juice. If you’ve never heard of the potency of pineapple fruit as well as it’s juice in healing cough then, you’re reading it now. By taking some slices of pineapple fruit and drinking its fresh juice for over 3 times daily, the cough will reduce and gradually disappear if you continue with it. Remember that pineapple is a good source of vitamin C.

Thyme and peppermint leaves. You can prepare thyme tea by boiling thyme leaves and strain to drink. Peppermint leaves or oil can be added to hot water for steaming as earlier explained got steaming. Both leaves have been tested for their effectiveness in curing coughs.

Salt and warm water. These can be mixed together for gargling. In a similar vein, drinking hot or warm water when you have cough is another sure way to get faster relief.

Other general practice that can help you when experiencing chronic cough include:

Drinking water regularly to prevent dehydration, taking cough syrups or other throat soothing mixtures before going to bed and taking enough rest during the day. If you’re able to put all these in place, you’re sure going to get out of your chronic cough situation faster than you can imagine.


As much as we hate to experience cough, it is a sign of getting out of sickness or common cold. It is also a blessing in disguise as it helps to get rid of phlegm from the throat. While you may need to consult you our doctor to help you place and define your own type of cough, there’s usually Jo cause for alarm for any cough that is less than a week or just over a week since it can last for 2 weeks or more. You should however be concerned when the cough is associated with pains and colorful phlegm.

Due to the side effects of most drugs, a lot of people prefer the natural home made products as chronic cough remedies and some have been explained above. You can always try them out and share your experience.




Health Benefit of Scent Leaf: My Personal Experience

We have a lot of healthy plants growing around us naturally and they are not just there for fancy but a great blessing to humanity. If you appreciate nature as well as other edible vegetables in our yard, we’ll also be opened to the health benefit of scent leaf; a unique herb for every family.

What is Scent Leaf?

Health Benefit of Scent Leaf

Scent leaf

Scent leaf is a green leafy vegetable that is commonly found in Africa especially in Nigeria; often referred to as African scent leaf and Nigerian scent leaf. You may be wondering that is it only in Africa that this leaf can be found, no. It may even be around you without knowing. The only problem is that it is called different names ( efinrin, obeoran, nchanwu, daidoya, etc) from one region to another. If you can be lucky to lay hands on it, please don’t let it go because of its numerous health benefits.

Some people often mistake this for basil leaves. Please, scent leaf is different from basil leaf. A closer look at their images will explain the difference between them.

The health benefit of scent leaf goes beyond the desire for article writing and information sharing. It is medicinal and I personally use it in different ways. Since I got to know about it, it has become my personal health assistant. So join me in the new ride as we share this knowledge together.

Practical Health Benefit of Scent Leaf

Benefit of scent leaf

Obeoran leaf

The usefulness of this efinrin leaf cannot be quantified. I have personally come to love it and include it in my diet and use it as first aid for some ailments. The following are some personal discoveries as well as other findings from research studies:

Pile. Our kids often have pile as a result of sweet food they eat. While pile may vary in degree, anytime you see your children having difficulty passing stool or when they have hard anus, then pile is knocking the door. We can’t completely take biscuits and juice which contain high sugar contents from their meals but we can help them by either cooking the leaf or squeezing its juice for them.

Cough/catarrh. Every member of the family is exposed to flu at one point or the other either as a result of flu outbreak, weather or a symptom of poor immune system. One of the ways to quickly attack flu before going to the hospital is by squeezing the leaf to get its juice for direct consumption or by inhaling boiled leaves.

Repel flies/mosquitoes. If you’re tired of inhaling chemicals, scent leaf will help you enjoy more sleep at night and scare off flies during the day. The scent from the leaf is irresistible. It can be effective when dried or burnt.

Fever/malaria. Oftentimes, when we are I’ll, our immune system will be weak resulting into common cold. That is why one of the symptoms of malaria/fever is runny nose. As earlier mentioned, when you sense malaria, boil the leave and inhale several times, the symptoms will disappear.

Nicotine-reducing effect. While I am not encouraging you to smoke because of its harmful effects, you may help an addict live a bit longer because high consumption of efinrin leave reduces the effect of nicotine on smokers.

Arthritis and osteoporosis. This scent plant works to heal arthritis and other bone diseases like osteoporosis. Apart from putting this into practice, get the grannies informed as they are more prone to these infections.

Infertility. Are you or any one close to you suffering from infertility? This essential herb contains arginine known to fight low sperm counts and other fertility related compounds like boron. This makes it an indispensable herb for newlyweds.

Antiseptic. If you have been looking for a home remedy for bacterial and fungal infections, the good news is this leave contains both and a ready, handy drug you can use to counter their growth in your body system.

Indigestion. Are you prone to indigestion, constipation and bloating due to diet choice or eating late at night? Try consuming ocimum gratissimum, the botanical name of scent leaf.

Oral Infections. Regular users have attested to get ts oral health benefits by chewing the fresh stick as chewing stick. This is also hinged on its potential anti bacterial/fungal potency. I present to you a lasting solution to mouth odor; speak confidently henceforth!

HIV/AIDS. Some recent studies have discovered that people living with HIV/AIDS can include scent leaf in their medication.

Weight loss. Do you know that this ancient leaf has fat burning enzymes that increase the rate of fat reduction in the body? If you have been battling with obesity, this leaf is another option you can start including in your diet as from this day.

Diarrhea/dysentery. If you’re suffering from any of these ailments, one or two spoons of scent leaf juice taken for a couple of days will bring cure.

Ringworm/boil. This age-long leaf can be squeezed and added to any skin surface that has been invaded by either boil, ringworm or any skin infection.

We cannot exhaust all the health benefits of scent leaf; the list goes on. The best way to enjoy its inherent blessings is including it in your daily diet.

Various Ways of Preparing Scent Leaf

There are different ways you can prepare this leaf to ensure its presence in your daily diet. The following are some popular methods:Scent Leaf juice scent leaf juice

Juicing. This means getting the liquid of the plant out by squeezing, blending, pounding or grinding. Try any method as long as you’re able to get the liquid out. Try either drinking it raw or adding a pinch of salt or lime juice to it.

Stew. Try cooking this leaf and use as stew. After blending the herb with pepper, onion and crayfish; fry everything in deep oil (palm oil) and add your preferred seasoning as well as meat or fish. Try consume this with white rice or any grains.

Flavor. The leaf is called ‘scent’ leaf because of its aroma. This is why some people use it as spices and condiments. Try use it to spice up any food of your choice.

Soup. Try cutting/chopping the leaves and add them to your regular soup or stew just like your spinach and pumpkin leaf. For the stew, just cut the leaves and add to the contents.

Boiling. Consider boiling scent leaf in water and inhaling or drinking it for malaria or common cold treatment.

Common Side Effects of Scent Leaf

There is little or no information regarding the negative effects of obeoran. Maybe I haven’t been keen enough to notice changes, but I’ve never experienced any downtime consuming this leaf. It is safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It is good for breastfeeding mothers because of their babies who are prone to indigestion.

If you have ever experienced any side effect, you can let me know through the comment box. I’ll appreciate your desire to add to our knowledge and research. In a general sense, efinrin has no side effects and can be consumed by all categories of people in the family.

As a piece of advice, don’t over eat it. If you love it as much I do, then consume it once in a week or add it as spice to your daily meals. Remember; too much of a thing can be dangerous. Also, watch your self when consuming it for any reaction or body changes; we react to things differently because we are so made.

Ways to prepare efinrin soup

Scent leaf soup

Where you can Get Scent Leaf from

I was introduced to this leaf from childhood and grew up to love it. My mom planted it around our house, so it wasn’t difficult to get it whenever we needed it. I stopped eating it for many years until the desire came back. Then I started buying the leaf from local stores and markets. I remember when I stumbled on it in a friend’s house. She was another major source until someone encouraged me to plant it.

I discovered the plant grows so fast that I started cutting and uprooting them. If you lucky to get a local store around you where it can be purchased, then fine. If not, you can get the seed and plant it in your garden. It is an indispensable plant for the family. If you need my assistance in getting the seed, I’ll be willing to help.


If there’s any herb that shouldn’t be absent from your garden, it is scent leaf. Try the stew and soup preparations to give yourself and family members a new taste all the way. Don’t forget to improvise and even come up with new methods of preparation; you’ll be contributing to research.

Since this plant helps to control heartburn, indigestion, common cold, infertility and other ravaging ailments in our environment, let’s ensure we prepare it weekly if not daily and include it in our family diets.





Turmeric Powder Benefits: The Secret of Good Health and Skin Beauty

Benefits of turmeric

What is turmeric?

There are different forms in which turmeric is processed and stored for future use aside commercial purposes. One of these is powder form, hence the turmeric powder benefits.

If you are familiar with ginger very well, this medicinal product is similar to it as they are often categorized together.  The only difference is found in their colors; while ginger has a rough scaly light brown back/skin with creamy flesh, turmeric has a rough scaly brown back/skin with orange flesh.

Though mostly found in India, Asia and part of Africa, there is virtually anywhere it can’t survive if properly grown.

Turmeric powder benefits are seen in various aspects of human existence and in all categories of human health challenges if consumed regularly in the right dosage.

Unlike ginger that can be eaten raw while in the fresh state, this special health solution has a slight bitter taste that makes its direct consumption somewhat difficult.

This is why most people prefer the powder form used as spices and to cure several sicknesses. Apart from the powder form, turmeric can be found in liquid form and in capsules. Irrespective of the form in which it is preserved or processed into, its potency is assured.

What are Turmeric Powder Benefits in the Home?

There are several benefits attached to turmeric in general as well as those preserved in powder forms. Turmeric is a unique health cure that should never be absent from any home.

Aside its daily use, it should be kept handy as first aids as it works to cure several sicknesses. While this article is not discussing turmeric in a general sense, the therapeutic and health benefits of it shall be briefly touched.

  • Condiments/spices. When turmeric is preserved in a powdered state, it can be sprinkled on food as flavor to give it an irresistible aroma. A lot of people now prefer it to artificial flavors and spices. In India, for instance, turmeric powder is used like curry on all foods that require spices. Also, the HCAs; heterocyclic amines causing cancer in meat can be reduced by boiling it with turmeric powder.
  • Preservative. Do you know that sprinkling turmeric on some home made foods make such stay longer either at home or in the supermarket? In fact, this has been confirmed by a study carried out by Gujarat scientists who discovered that addition of this product to cheese (paneer) extended its expiry date to over 10 days.
  • Insecticide. Have you been looking for how to reduce the use of chemicals in your home and still achieve your result? Try mixing turmeric powder in water, and sprinkle it around the corner of your house or door entrance to scare of unwanted visitors like ants, cockroaches and other insects.
  • Skin care. Beauty enthusiasts have found turmeric powder very useful in achieving their desired good look through glowing skin. It is used alongside other facial mask and to fight acne. Indians also use the paste on the faces of bride and bridegroom to be before their wedding in order to maintain young vibrant looking skin. This is often added to locally or home made creams and soaps to achieve the same skin care results. Direct application to face has proven to heal wounds (minor) and cure eczema.
  • Longevity. If you desire long life, then try drinking the tea (turmeric) at least once per day as recommended by experts. This can be done by adding a teaspoon of the powder to boiling water (about 4 cups) and leave to boil for like 10-12 minutes. It can be sweetened using honey.
  • Toothpaste recipe. Turmeric powder can also be turned into paste and use to clean the teeth. You can follow the link to check the recipes
  • Teeth whitening. If you’re part of those longing for natural teeth whitening, then I congratulate you because it’s effectiveness in this function has been tested. How is this done? Dip your wet toothbrush inside a turmeric powder paste, brush your teeth without rinsing it off. Leave it on your teeth for 5 minutes and rinse off then use your normal toothpaste to brush your teeth. You’ll see the result as soon as you clean it off.
  • Other health benefits of turmeric in general are:
  1. Enhances digestion while combating bloating, constipation and gas
  2. Relieves all dyspepsia related symptoms
  3. Fights all forms of bowel inflammations that can complicate human health
  4. Reduces the level of blood cholesterol which invariably work to reduce heart related diseases as well as stroke
  5. Prevents colon, breast, prostate and skin cancers and also suppresses the growth of related cancerous cells in the body.
  6. Circuit, the essential ingredient/compound found in turmeric blocks the source of Alzheimer disease
  7. Reduces the inflammation causing the pain of arthritis

What are the most Common Turmeric Powder Recipes?

Turmeric powder recipe

Turmeric benefits

There are different ways you can practice including this amazing home health product in your diet to cater for every member of your family. Though the root is bitter and may be difficult to eat, you can take a little bite on daily basis.

If you consider the taste to be unbearable, you can prepare the tea and drink by mixing it with honey. This has been earlier discussed. Some people refer to this turmeric tea as golden milk/liquid gold.

Another form of inclusion in your diet is mixing it with your egg for breakfast as well as adding it to your sauce as spices.

There is hardly any food you prepare or bake that you can’t add turmeric powder to. This makes it readily available to work in your body system to fight various ailments.

What are the Side Effects of Turmeric?

It is true that too much of everything is bad. The most appealing thing in this world has disadvantages. Yes, even riches that we crave for have their demerits. So, if you take too much of turmeric with the hope of experiencing faster result, you might land yourself or family members in problem.

If you stick to just a little daily recipe of spicing it with your food or drinking its tea, you shouldn’t have any problem at all. Aside overdose, there are reported cases of allergies and interactions. The following are some possible side effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea/stomach upset
  • Poor blood clot/ increased bleeding
  • Poor state of liver
  • Reduced blood pressure (hypotension)
  • High risk of menstrual flow in women
  • Preterm birth among pregnant women

Aside the daily usage for health maintenance, you should consult with your doctor before taking turmeric especially if your already under medication. It is a known fact that certain drugs interact to reduce their potency.

Pregnant women, those having gallbladder diseases, diabetes, bleeding related challenges among others should avoid turmeric or consult with their doctors before taking it. Anyone slated for surgery should avoid it two weeks to the scheduled operation.

It has also been discovered that turmeric is not easily digested into the body system when taking alone. You are therefore advised to combine it with black pepper or fatty foods like milk.

What are Turmeric Supplements?

There are different ways in which turmeric is found. One is the powdered form earlier discussed as well as it’s benefits. However, turmeric can also be found in supplement form.

Because of the small amount of curcumin present in all powdered turmeric, people often opt for the supplement category to get complete daily requirement as it contains over 90% of curcumin while the powder has only 3% of it.

A good turmeric supplement should have: black pepper for easy absorption, fermentation; any turmeric supplement that is not fermented isn’t good for you and it should be from an organic source without GMOs.

There are other forms of turmeric like the essential oil. It is recommended that anyone using this internally should dilute it for safety purposes.


There are numerous benefits of turmeric but what gives turmeric powder benefits over other forms is its availability and cost-effectiveness. The good thing is you can store it at home to include in your daily cooking recipes/ home made products or consume it as a supplement.

Don’t forget that any turmeric supplement to be consumed should be from organic source, have black pepper in it for easy absorption and also processed through fermentation.

Always remember the side effects of turmeric though mild. You should also let your health provider know when you want to take turmeric if you’re already on medication.

You can try planting turmeric around your home in order to consume it fresh. Wishing you a healthy living!!!




10 Most Common Birth Defects That Can Be Avoided

Safe delivery

Birth defect

It’s so disheartening for a mother to carry pregnancy for either 8 or 9 months only to discover that her baby has been deformed one way or the other. Apart from the financial stress, you can imagine the psychological trauma that will definitely affect the general well-being of such a woman. I have been there; though not so intense, but the few days I was separated from my darling baby as well as those days we were always running between the hospital and home, I can really relate and empathize with any mother involved in this situation. This article focuses on 10 most common birth defects out of the thousands out there.
Children born with some health challenges either in their organs or any of their body parts are said to be suffering from birth defects. This can also be referred to as birth deformity because certain organs in their body cannot function properly. In a general sense, these defects can be avoided if adequate health care is sought, practiced and adhered to while others are genetics. If you’re a yet-to-be mom, then, congratulations because this article will prepare you ahead. Apart from the genetic category of defects, the natural ones can be totally prevented.

Birth defect

10 Common Birth Defects

Birth Defects: Common Types

Has it ever crossed your mind that couples that give birth to deformed kids are often healthy without any health challenge? Why do you think their babies are born with health problems? I shall explain this later. At this point, we are going to look at some categories of birth deformity and also restrict them to the “10 most common birth defects” according to our topic.
Birth defects are divided into two major categories under which we are going to group the defects. They are structural/ functional and metabolic birth defects.

Structural birth deformity is a situation where a child is born with a malfunctioning or missing body part. Some of these are:

  • Heart defects. Some babies are born with heart challenges, and to some extent, this types happen to be most rampant among newborns. So, if you think it’s only at adulthood that heart diseases begin, you need to understand that babies are born with it too.
  • Spina bifida. Any baby experiencing this has challenges in the spine, which invariably affect the legs in the long run. This have negative effects on the nerves, intellect and physique.
  • Cleft lip/palate. If a baby is born with any opening on the lip or at the roof of the mouth, such is suffering from this birth defect. The good news here is that this deformity can be handled at birth to enable the child live a normal life thereafter.
  • Clubfoot. The problem here is usually with the feet that are badly shaped. This can be medically handled without surgery shortly after birth but if left untreated, it may lead to more complications.
  • Congenital dislocated hips. Also, referred to as dysplasia of the hip, it is a situation where your baby’s hip is rather too light/shallow supporting the joint resulting in a sort of displacement.

The second broad category is called metabolic defect (often internal) This problem affects the body chemistry of the babies involved as such health challenges work to hinder proper food breakdown in the body to produce the needed energy. Some of these are:

  • PKU (phenylketonuria). Though very rare, it can be dormant in the body of a child only to manifest later. This is why newborns are screen shortly after birth to detect its existence in their system as failure to detect it early enough can lead to a permanent brain disorder as well as other behavioral issues. PKU is a case where a poor gene leads to the building up of phenylalanine; an amino acid. It affects how the affected baby’s body go about protein processing. And, we all know how important protein is to growing children.
  • Gastroschisis. Children with this birth disability have their intestines outside of their body through the hole in the abdominal region. What most doctors do is immediate surgery after birth to reduce its overall digestive system. However, even after the surgery, the health of the child cannot be 100% since the intestines were originally outside the body.
  • Underdeveloped skull/brain. Children with this defect have their brain/skull underdeveloped towards the front region. The most painful aspect of this health issue is death of affected children shortly after birth as there is little or no way to manage it.
  • Cerebral palsy. This health condition is also related to the brain. It is a situation where a baby experiences brain injury while in the womb. There have been cases of cerebral palsy after birth too. Babies having this challenge goes through life experiencing reflex, muscles and motor skills difficulties.
  • Autism related syndrome. A lot of people are familiar with the term autism but are often in the dark about the genetic factor responsible for it. This syndrome is called “fragile X”; a situation where a baby’s body i Is unable to produce the required amount of protein needed for the development of the brain to its full potential.
Birth defect

10 common Birth Defects

Birth Defects: Causes

Several factors are responsible for birth defects, and having good understanding of them can help prepare intending parents ahead. It is not enough to make financial preparation and also get the baby’s room decorated. There is the need for carefulness and adherence to instructions given by healthcare providers. I was also guilty of this. Negligence in following doctors’ prescriptions often make us the cause of our kids’ health hazard. Let consider the causes of birth defect more clearly:

Birth Defects are generally caused by genetic and non genetic factors. Genetic factor is when there’s a family history of such defect in either parents. There is high tendency of passing such health issues to unborn babies as inherent traits. Non genetic factors include:

  • Infection at pregnancy. Women are very delicate in a general sense, hence the call for extra carefulness at pregnancy because any untreated infection at this point will impact the life of your unborn child.
  • Self medications. There are some drugs that an expectant mother shouldn’t take in. Even in most drugs, you’ll see it clearly where to-be moms are cautioned against consuming them without consulting their healthcare providers.
  • Age factor. There is the tendency of giving birth to a deformed child when you get to certain age. This is why doctors give special attention to pregnant women who are over 35 years.
  • Personal lifestyle. There are personal ways of life that can have negative impact on your child. For instances, wearing tight-fitting clothes during pregnancy isn’t wise. What of smoking? Do you know it’s what you take in that your unborn baby consumes? Just imagine your baby smoking right in the womb when we’re daily warned that smokers are liable to die young! Smoking and drinking of alcohol or other intake of hard substances aren’t good for your baby’s health.
  • Poor prenatal attention. A lot of young women take prenatal care as a time-wasting venture; dear, it isn’t. You need to be properly monitored and guided by experts but when you through caution to the wind, it backfires inform of birth defect.
  • History of health issues. If your diabetic, HIV carrier or have any pre-existing medical challenge, you are prone to having a baby with birth defect.
  • Environmental factors. These include a break out of rubella, small pox or chickenpox. Any of these viral diseases can affect a pregnant woman and the health of her baby.
Birth defects

Birth Defects: Diagnosis and Symptoms

Birth Defects: Diagnosis and Symptoms

Certain birth defects can be diagnosed during pregnancy especially in the first trimester using ultrasound. There are other tests, which women who are over aged and have high tendency of having birth challenges are exposed to. Some of these are amniotic fluid test ( amniocentesis) and blood test. Aside these pregnancy tests, at birth, doctor’s can carry out physical check up on babies to determine their health status. There is also a blood screen test, which newborns are exposed to determine if they are 100% healthy or have any form of deformity. While pregnancy test may be totally accurate in specifying the presence of birth defects, diagnosis after birth are more accurate and reliable.

  • Diagnosis often come before symptoms because a mother may not know that her baby has health disability until a test confirms it. It is after that she may begin confirm the authenticity of the test through the movement of the baby in her womb among other symptoms. The signs can be before birth and after birth. If your baby shows any of these signs after birth, then get your doctor’s attention:
  • Heart defects (Pale skin color, Shortness of breath/rapid breathing, Swollen eyes, abdomen and legs, Poor feeding)
  • Clubfoot ( a slight or serious pain on one or both legs)
  • Cleft lip/palate ( the normal structure of the lip/palate is affected)
  • Spina bifida ( leg paralysis, bladder problem; inability to control bowel movement)
  • PKU (mental retardation)
  • Down Syndrome (slanted eyes, small/fold ears, small mouth, small nose, short neck, small hands/short fingers)
  • Autism/ fragile X ( large ears, development delays, elongated face, heart issues, cleft palate, flat feet etc)
  • Gastroschisis (small and large intestines outside instead of being inside)
  • Cerebral palsy (poor muscle development, inability to hold head up, inability to sit up etc)
  • Congenital dislocated hips ( unequal leg length, pains and limping among older kid
Birth defects

Birth Defects: Prevention

Birth Defects: Prevention

The term ‘prevention’ here is relative because some of these healths hazard cannot be prevented especially those related to genes but other non genetic can be avoided. What are the possible prevention strategies?

  • Folic acid. As soon as you start planning for a baby, even before you conceive, start taking this supplement until you give birth. There are cases where nursing mothers are encouraged to take for few weeks after birth. Please, don’t trash them as I ignorantly did mine some years ago. I know a lot of women dislike its strong smell a t we’re talking of your baby’s health and future happiness here. For the sake of your baby, take them. They combat spine/brain related health problems.
  • Prescribed vitamins. Apart from folic acid, your healthcare provider will recommend some vitamins for you during your prenatal care, please don’t shun them.
  • Avoid self medications. Immediately you discover you’re carrying your baby, do not take any drug without consulting your doctor; it’s as serious as that.
  • Avoid some lifestyles. If you love drinking alcohol and smoking, you may give them a break if you won’t to be a happy mom.
  • Stay in a healthy environment. It pays to be neat; diseases and avoidable infections will be far from you. Keep your environment neat, clean and sparkling. Pregnant women are prone to infections, so ensure your undies are washed and sundry.
  • Avoid certain meals. There are some diets that encourage the growth of yeast in your private part, identify and avoid them.
  • Get vaccinated. There are vaccines against rubella and other environmental illnesses. Get yourself vaccinated and stay safe.
  • Attend prenatal appointments. A lot of young mothers don’t see the need for antenatal classes. Please, register and attend regularly for close monitoring and check ups.
  • Watch your weight. Excess weight gain during pregnancy is unhealthy for you and the baby in your womb, so watch what you eat and carry out recommended exercises.


There are several birth defects out there but this article has considered only 10 Most Common Birth Defects. Aside genetic factors, other causes of birth defects are as a result of our negligence. If we take the life of our unborn children seriously enough, we’ll record less birth deformities. Parents, please let’s consider the future of these kids and do all we can to make life worth living for them by taking adequate care of our diets and other personal lifestyles that can adversely impact our lovely kids’ health and future joy.





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